Thursday, September 27, 2018

Disfiguring the Catholic Church • (Pascendi #2)

In this second part of a special series of What Catholics Believe, on the papal encyclical, Pascendi dominici gregis ("Feeding the Lord's Flock"), Fr. Jenkins discusses sections #4 - #10, examining: the division of the encyclical; modernist teaching; agnosticism's philosophical foundation; vital immanence; and the consequences of the disfigurement of religion.  Covered in those: are how the first thing destroyed by modernism is the intellect (which is how one knows God and the Truth); how modernism is a 'faith experience'; how science and history are limited by this; the role 'sentiment' plays; and how the modernist mind is worse than schizophrenic. All these things are the foundation of their beliefs and are an never ending process which ultimately will lead (if followed to their conclusion) to one world government, one world religion, and the anti-Christ.

Pascendi dominici gregis ("Feeding the Lord's Flock"), was promulgated by Pope Saint Pius X on 8 September 1907.  Pascendi dominici gregis can be read here: