Friday, September 28, 2018

Francis says: "I am the Devil"

In this special edition of What Catholics Believe, Father Jenkins comments on recent remarks made by Francis concerning two subjects.  The first being the Novus Ordo accepting the communists bishops created by Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and the agreement signed with the Red Chinese government.  Francis boasts that God sent him a sign that bringing the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association into his Novus Ordo fold was the right the thing to do.  What was the sign?  Simply, that the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association supports Francis in his fight against those who want to expose and correct presider sexual abuse in his church.  Francis then has the audacity to state that the agreement he signed with the Communist Chinese government is no different than the Church's behavior of the past.  What a lie and how evil!  The second is Francis stating, "I am the devil".